Welcome to my website. I am currently an Assistant Professor in Empirical Econometrics at the University of Mannheim. My research focuses mainly on identification problems in dynamic treatment effects models and on empirical crime work. Here my CV

How did I get here you ask? Born in Geneva, Switzerland to an American-Catholic mother and a Turkish-Jewish father, I gave up on identifying with one particular nation, ideology, creed, etc. from an early age…which turned out to be great. I obtained my undergraduate degrees from Northwestern University near Chicago and my PhD at the Tinbergen Institute and the University of Amsterdam.

Upon my arrival in Mannheim, I made a conscious decision to pursue the high investment, high risk, and potentially high reward projects rather than the safe options with less ambitious ends. Unfortunately, in mid 2015 I suffered a neck injury which affected my immune system and has since then prevented me from doing any research. Once I get healthy there will be several exciting papers coming out…so stay tuned to my research section.

You can get in touch with me at: s.kastoryano@uni-mannheim.de